Monday, March 24, 2008

Advice Letter - This is how we are multifaceted

Hi Michelle,

My name is Shelbee Williams and my 9 year old daughter Nasara was diagnosed at 2 - she has been pumping for 2 years also - Cozmo. In any event, when (recently) went to the hospital to have my son, I contacted another type 1 family from her school, who (GOD bless them) to assist my parents with the care of my daughter. I did have somewhat of an advantage, because they were a prior daycare parents of mine (I opened a daycare for children with special needs when my daughter was diagnosed), who agreed to help. It was a blessing, because they were in the neighborhood next to mine.

Even though she is on the pump, during my labor, her blood sugar got out of control and my parents were a nervous wreck - at the same time - they wanted to be at the hospital with me and my husband. So, prior to them arriving at the hospital, I contacted my friends grandmother and my parents and daughters met and got everything under control. (There was a big bubble in the tubing). It was actually funny from my end (of course in retrospect), because I am in the hospital bed, breathing through contractions while providing diabetes management on my cell phone (that was losing power). When my doctor came to see me he said, oh diabetes clinic - smiling. I was suppose to have natural child birth, but unfortunately I had to have a C-section - my last child and a C-section - But GOD is GOOD - he is beautiful - his name is Zion Paul.

Sorry, I am probably getting long winded - try the school clinic to meet other diabetic families and ask if someone may be able to assist. I realize that you may not know these people, but we all have kindred spirits in the condition that has been placed on us. Stay Strong.

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