Friday, March 21, 2008

Nasara 1 month after diagnosis - HER STORY

My name is Shelbee Williams and I am the mother of a 9 year old Type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic daughter who has been given a GOD inspired invention that would benefit Type 1 & Type 2 diabetics and I have been praying and searching for an angel investor to bring this concept to reality.

To be continued.

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stephanie said...

i found your blog in google,
my name is stephanie, i'm form argentina, i'm 18 years olds, and i HAVE diabetes (type 1) since i was 5! such a long time ago!
i only want to tell one thing or maybe two.
the first one: i guess you were wrong when you said "diabetic daughter" nonono. Your daughter isn't a diabetic, she's Nasara, she's a girl, not a diabetic... she only HAS diabetes. i've learned, that the thing is not to let the diabetes take control of us: we have to take control of it. so, it's a good point to start from seeing this such as a DETAIL in our lives. one more detail, like the colour of our eyes, like the length of our hair... the diabetes is just one more detail.

and the second thing: is important to have the opportunity to meet other children who have diabetes, in my country there are associations that educate people (parents and children) and organize great activities for little people with diabetes (they to cook sugar free foods, do gymnastics and games), so they can lern from a young age to take care of themselves and ovoid consequences in the future!

i didn't have the chance of meeting children with my problem when i was younger, so i felt different, i kept thinking why do i have to do this and that, to eat this and not that, and it was so difficult for me to face the problem.

i hope her treatment is going all right ;)
kisses from an argentinian "divabetic"